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Saladze Law

Eteri Saladze received her Bachelors of Law degree in her native country of Georgia and went on to attain a Masters of Law from Cardozo Law school in New York City.  With nearly a decade of work in the field of immigration and after passing the New York State bar exam she decided to open her own firm.  An immigrant herself, Ms. Saladze understands immigration is a process that can be complex and needs to be treated with the utmost care and regard for the client. She understands how this process affects individuals and their loved ones.  As anyone that has worked with Ms. Saladze will tell you, she treats her clients like family, going above and beyond to ensure that each case is given the utmost attention, working ceaselessly for their success.  Her comprehensive experience covers a wide range of issues in family-based immigration as well as immigration needs associated with employment, deportation and removal proceedings, political asylum, Visas, and citizenship and naturalization.  She believes in providing competent, efficient, and affordable legal representation for businesses, families, and foreign nationals coming to the U.S., and is fully committed to each and every client.  


Ms. Saladze believes that immigrants are the engine of change. Therefore, when you retain the services of Saladze Law Firm, you can rest assured that you are receiving a knowledgeable, resourceful, and fundamentally compassionate lawyer who is dedicated to helping people achieve their own American Dreams.


For detailed analyzes of your individual immigration needs please contact our experienced immigration lawyer online or by telephone at 718-305-1606 or 718-305-1604. 


We welcome your call. 


We speak English, Georgian and Russian.

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